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Honoring Star Trek's Grandmothers

May 8, 2020, Mother's Day article


Fire & Hope: Geek Couturier Adria Renee Trusts her Instincts

Spring 2020

The Sartorial Geek Print Magazine

The Sartorial Geek

January 2020 - present

Various articles about theatre, television, etc.

A Calamity For The Fly: Monstrosity and the Normalization of Otherness Throughout The Addams Family Franchise

Just Like Rising Moon: Racism and Native American Representation in Annie Get Your Gun's Two Scripts

Honorable Mention, Charles E. Shanklin Award for Research Excellence, Bowling Green State University

Original Scripts

Sure As A Star

Full-Length One Act Play.

Cast Size: 2F.

Award-winning sitcom actress Madeline Sullivan is in New York to star in yet another Broadway revival of Gypsy, much to the disbelief of everyone else involved. When she hires college senior Emma to be her assistant amidst a life-changing medical emergency, they come to depend on one another more than either of them ever expected. They become irrevocably entwined in a web of obscure pop culture references and Chinese take-out as the fictional 'Madam Rose' slowly takes over their lives. A story of musical theatre divas, mothers and daughters, and living a private life in public.

**Staged reading at the 2016 Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival


The Nuncom (temporary joke title)
Half Hour Series (multiple episodes)
After two private schools are forced to merge, two fun-loving, modern nuns and their secretary are forced to move in with their more traditional sisters, living and working with them at the prestigious and straight-laced Saint Benignus Preparatory Academy.


Half Hour Series Pilot; Class Assignment
Fresh out of school, a group of young friends navigate first jobs in Hollywood and the interesting people they find themselves involved with along the way. 


Short; Class Assignment
A young man crashes his car on a lonely road in the woods and is tended to by a mysterious young woman.


What's Still Unwritten
Short; Class Assignment
A college student has trouble writing an "experimental" piece for class. A semi-clever result of my terrible writers' block for this assignment.


Television Specs

Young Sheldon (2020)

"Three Funerals and a Betazoid"

Sheldon's family worries when he doesn't cope with an unexpected death the way they think he should. Meanwhile, Sheldon is preoccupied with attending his first science fiction convention.


The Big Bang Theory (2009)

"The Hairy Mary Approximation"
Leonard and Sheldon spend the night investigating Penny's apartment when she insists that it's haunted. But when Sheldon discovers her diary, the guys learn more about Penny than she'd ever want her neighbors to know.
(References events in Season 2 finale).
**In top 5% (top 70 of 1,400) of scripts reviewed for 2009 Warner Brothers Writers Workshop


The Big Bang Theory (2009)
"The Xena Anomaly"
What promises to be the best sci-fi convention ever turns out to be a bust for all the guys, particularly Leonard, whose hero is revealed as a jerk, and Sheldon, who is horrified to learn the true identity of a girl to whom he is drawn.


30 Rock (2008)
Liz finds herself at odds with the celebrity guest star that Jack books on TGS as a sweeps stunt. When the actress bonds with the entire TGS staff, Liz is left out in the cold.


Grey's Anatomy (2006)
"Never Hug a Mummy"
Not all is as it seems to the staff at Seattle Grace when they cannot find the correct diagnosis for a dying man and a troubled little girl. Meanwhile, George must keep a secret when his favorite actress checks herself into the hospital for a vacation.
(Written during early Season 3).


Will & Grace (2005)
"Dead Man Walker"
While Grace struggles with her feelings for her now-married ex-boyfriend, Will struggles with telling Karen the truth about her husband's death. Meanwhile, Karen reaps the benefits of Rosario tending to Jack's broken leg.
(Alternate Season 8 premiere).

Transformative Works

I am a prolific writer of transformative work across various platforms in various fandoms. I focus mainly on exploring character dynamics and familial relationships while patching holes and filling in the narrative gaps. I like to ride the roller coaster between high camp comedy and devastating humanity. Please feel free to email me if you're curious.

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